Rental Details
66 Orchard St

Leet Township, PA 15003 , Allegheny
  • Bedrooms: 3.0
  • Bathrooms: 2.0
  • Price: $75,000.00
  • Deposit: $0000
  • Lease: 0000
  • Pets: Yes
  • Occupied: no
  • Occupied By: Un-Occupied
Contact Information
  • Name: Lyle Sells
  • Phone: 610-202-6856
  • Email:

Listing Type: For 1

Property Description:

Quaker Valley Fix and Hold or Flip – Massive Profits Either Way 66 Orchard St Leet Township, PA 15003 3,900 Sq.Ft 3 Units - Studio (1 Bed/1 Bath) - First Floor (4 Bed/3 Bath) (Massive Size) - Second Floor (3 Bed/1 Bath) (With Balcony) Separate Utilizes (Gas, Electric, and Water!) Internal Garage (Not Factored in as a Revenue Source) Quaker Valley School District Strong Foundation Block from Bus Stop Price $75,000 This property is massive at 3,900 Sq Ft. It is currently zoned to be a 3 unit property. It has separate utilities and entrances for each of the units. Each of the units are in various stages of completion. The 3/1 on the second floor is 90% complete, the studio apartment on the second floor is %70 complete, while the first floor is framed in and roughed in electrically. The first floor all comes with a pallet of drywall.For those who may consider converting the property into a single family home, that is an option. However, the challenge is to find a true comparable. Every other house around is under 1,500 Sq Ft. and only one has been truly renovated, but it’s currently listed for $370,000.So no matter what your end strategy is, this property is going to be incredibly profitable for whomever puts the time into her. Revenue Breakdown (All Estimates are the Median Returns from Rent-o-Meter) First Floor (Framed as 4 Bed 3 Bath) Estimate $1,300 a Month - $15,600 a Year Second Floor (3 Bed 1 Bath) Estimate $1,195 a Month - $14,340 a Year Studio (1 Bed 1 Bath) Estimate $570 a Month - $6,840 a Year Total Estimate $3,065 a Month - $36,780 a Year